Bridging Finance Group Ltd  



We specialise in short term funding solutions for individuals and small businesses.

Bridging Finance Group allows its clients to borrow short term against equity held in properties throughout New Zealand.

Bridging Finance Group Limited was established in 2001 to meet a growing demand for fast and flexible finance where the borrower requires funding to provide a stepping stone from Point A to Point B. Whether it is for subdivision and subsequent sale, financing a purchase before sale or a cash injection for a small business, our funding proposals are designed to help bridge the gap.

Types of bridging finance provided by BFG


  • Bridging between property sales and purchases for home buyers, investors or property traders.

  • Short term injections of working capital for small businesses. (Often to enable completion of contracts).

  • Completion of projects. (A property renovation, subdivision, construction or other development work requiring additional project funding.)

  • Short term holds. (Awaiting the start of construction or long term funding).

The security for all advances is a first registered mortgage over property.

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